Research Fellowship (Bi) In Economics

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September 27, 2021


  • Organisation/Company: Universidade Católica Portuguesa - CATÓLICA- LISBON
  • Research Field: Economics › Applied economics
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 27/09/2021 17:00 - Europe/London
  • Location: Portugal › Lisbon
  • Type Of Contract: Other
  • Job Status: Other
  • Reference Number: CUBE-7844-BI/1
  • Opening Notice

    Research Fellowship (BI)

    Reference: CUBE-7844-BI/1

    CUBE - Católica Lisbon Research Unit in Business and Economics at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, is awarding a one Research Fellowship (BI) in the scientific field of Economics / Applied Economics, for the development of research in the frame of the project PTDC/EGE-ECO/7844/2020 entitled “Adjusting to Crisis: Impacts, Channels and Policies”, with the financial support of FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. (FCT, IP) / MCTES trough national funds (PIDDAC).


  • Candidates must hold a Master degree and be enrolled or present proof of meeting the requirements to be enrolled in a Doctoral program in field of Economics or related scientific fields;
  • The following skills are required:

  • Strong skills in Applied Economics;
  • Potential to publish articles in high quality international academic journals;
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently;
  • Written and spoken proficiency in English.

    The selected candidate will conduct academic research in the field of Economics, with a strong quantitative component. The main duties of the researcher include:

  • Develop and carry out theoretically informed and empirically grounded research focusing on the project topics described above;
  • Manage large datasets, particularly for longitudinal microdata, such as “Quadros de Pessoal”;
  • Perform statistical analysis and econometric analysis of the data using appropriate software (Stata, R);
  • Carry out and develop collaborative research with other project colleagues and research groups;
  • Prepare academic papers and presentations;
  • Contribute to the organization of project events and activities (e.g. seminars, workshops) in collaboration with “PROSPER - Center of Economics for Prosperity” research center.

    Research Fellow Statute, approved by Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, in the current wording conferred by Decree-Law No. 123/2019, of August 28; current Regulation of Fellowships of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. (Regulation No. 950/2019 of December 16th); Regulation of Fellowships of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.


    The workplace is Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon, and the work will be developed under the scientific guidance of Professor Joana Silva.


    The fellowship will be awarded for a period of 6 months, in exclusive commitment. The fellowship may be renewed up to the fullest extent permitted by applicable regulations. The renewal of the fellowship contract depends on the research fellow's evaluation concerning the accomplishment of the work plan, the fulfillment of personal requirements for the fellowship renewal and the availability of funding in the project.

    The fellowship is planned to start in October 2021.


    The fellowship's maintenance allowance is 1,104.64 € per month, according to the table of values of the grants awarded directly by FCT, I.P. in the Country. Further information at https: // www. The fellowship will be paid monthly by bank transfer.

    The fellowship holder will be covered by a personal accident insurance.

    If not covered by any social protection scheme, the fellowship holder can ensure the right to Social Security through adherence to the Voluntary Social Security scheme, pursuant to "Código dos Regimes Contributivos do Sistema Previdencial de Segurança Social". Provided that the awarded fellowship has a minimum duration of 6 months, the fellowship holder will be entitled to assume, by UCP, the charges resulting from the contributions that apply to the first bracket referred to in article 36 of Decree-Law no. 40/89, of 1 February, with the increase in charges arising from the option for a higher incidence base on its own.


    The candidates' final classification shall be presented on a scale of 0 to 20. The final classification evaluates the candidate's merit and it is calculated by weighing in each factor as follows:

  • Scientific and academic profile: 40%
  • Previous project-based research experience, national and international, relevant to the project: 40%
  • Quality of published articles: 20%
  • Final Classification = (0,40 x A) + (0,40 x B) + (0,20 x C)

    A minimum of 16 points is needed for a candidate to be considered eligible for the position.

    If necessary, candidates may be called for an interview, in which case the interview will not be scored or weighted in the final classification and will only serve to clarify the information provided.


    President of the Jury: Professor Dr. Joana Silva (fellow supervisor)

    Effective Member: Professor Dr. Anna Bernard

    Effective Member: Professor Dr. Isabel Horta Correia

    Substitute member(s): Professor Dr. Fernando Machado


    Applications are to be submitted in English.

    Applications shall include the following documents:

  • Cover letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae including all the elements to access the admission requirements;
  • Master degree Certificate/Diploma, referring the final classification;
  • Proof of the enrolment in the required program or proof of meeting the requirements for the enrollment in the required program
  • Published articles in international peer-reviewed journals.
  • In case of not being possible to obtain the certificate mentioned in 3. until the due date of the application, the candidate may replace them by declarations of their responsibility with the corresponding content, submitted electronically and, in case of grant of the fellowship, send the official certificates to CUBE, before the contract being handled.


    Required documents should be sent by e-mail to from September 14th to September 27th, 2021 (until 5 pm Lisbon time) with the reference Subject: CUBE-7844-BI/1- #Candidate's name#.

    No document that should have been submitted at the application stage may be presented after the deadline set for this purpose in the opening notice. Failure to comply with the deadline set for the submission of the application, as well as the lack of submission or late submission of the documents referred to in this point will determine exclusion from the competition. False statements provided by the candidates are punishable by law.


    The selection panel deliberates in accordance with adopted and disclosed selection criteria. Minutes of panel meetings shall include a summary of the meeting content. After application of the selection criteria, the panel shall prepare a ranked list of approved candidates and respective classification.

    The ranked list of candidates will be published within 90 working days after the deadline of the applications on the CATÓLICA-LISBON website https: // www. Candidates will be notified by e-mail once this list is made available.


    In case of unfavorable decision, candidates will have 10 working days after notification to pronounce in a prior hearing, should they wish it, under the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedures. The final decision may be subject to a complaint within a period of 15 working days or, alternatively, of an appeal within a period of 30 working days, with both durations beginning on the date of the initial notification. The complaint or appeal should be addressed to the Rector's Office (Reitoria) of Universidade Católica Portuguesa. After this notification, and in case there are no allegations, the results will become definitive. Ineligible candidates will be notified by email, with details of the missing eligibility elements.

    In the 10 working days after the communication of the final decision, the selected candidate must confirm in writing his/her availability to initiate the fellowship in the proposed date. In case of unavailability, the offer will be made to the next candidate in the ranked list.


    Universidade Católica Portuguesa is the controller responsible for the processing of Personal Data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – General Regulation on Data Protection.

    The personal data submitted within the scope of this tender procedure is processed within the framework of said tender procedure only, and will be treated by Universidade Católica Portuguesa with the purpose of verifying the fulfillment, by the candidates, of the assumptions established in the applicable legislation for their contracting. Opposition to the processing of data by the candidates will make it impossible to accept the application and, therefore, to analyze and evaluate it.

    The personal data of the Data Subject, if it be indispensable for the fulfillment of the obligations of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, may be conveyed to third parties, namely to the Financing Entities identified in this announcement.

    The data retention period shall correspond to the legally defined period of five years.

    The Data Subject is entitled to oppose to the collection and processing of data, has the right to verification, the right to rectification, the right to deletion, and the right to restriction of processing of the data collected. However, the exercise of such rights may be excluded when the personal data is used to protect public interest, namely in the detection and prevention of crimes or when subject to professional rules of confidentiality.

    The Data Subject has the right of access and portability of the data.

    Rights of Personal Data Subjects: https: // www.

    For purposes of exercising the respective rights, contact the University through the e-mail address or by using the address found at the end of this announcement, through the means set out in "Contacts for clarification".

    The Data Subject is always entitled to contact and file a complaint with the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (Portuguese Supervisory Authority for Personal Data).


    Universidade Católica Portuguesa actively promotes a non-discrimination and equal access policy, wherefore no candidate can be privileged, benefited, impaired or deprived of any rights whatsoever, or be exempt of any duties based on their ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, family and economic conditions, instruction, social origin or condition, genetic heritage, reduced working capacity, disability, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, territory of origin, language, religion, political or ideological convictions, and union membership.


    Universidade Católica Portuguesa



    Palma de Cima, 1649-023 Lisboa

    Tel. 217214122


    Human Resources Department


    Lisbon, September 13th, 2021


    https: // www.

    Offer Requirements
  • Economics: Master Degree or equivalent

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: Universidade Católica Portuguesa - CATÓLICA- LISBON
  • Department: Católica Lisbon Research Unit in Business and Economics (CUBE)
  • Organisation Type: Higher Education Institute
  • Website: https: // www.
  • E-Mail:
  • Country: Portugal
  • City: Lisbon
  • Postal Code: 1649-023
  • Street: Palma de Cima