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July 2, 2021


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Time Span as soon as possible for 36 months Application Deadline 02 Jul 2021 Financing yes Type of Position

  • PhD - Individual Supervisor
  • Field of Research

  • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
  • Subjects Neutron Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter Description At TU Dresden, Faculty of Physics, Institute of Solid State and Materials Physics, the Chair of Neutron Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter (Prof. Dr. Dmytro Inosov) invites applications for a position as

    Research Associate / PhD Student (Subject to personal qualification employees are remunerated according to salary group E 13 TV-L)

    starting as soon as possible for a period of 36 months with 60% of the fulltime weekly hours. The period of employment is governed by the Fixed Term Research Contracts Act (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz - WissZeitVG). The position offers the chance to obtain further academic qualification (e.g. PhD). The goal of the project, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), is to experimentally investigate the magnetic excitations of helical and topological spin structures in SrFeO₃ and Sr₃Fe₂O₇ to understand magnetic interactions underpinning novel skyrmion- and hedgehog-lattice phases in the former and to improve the model description of low-energy spin dynamics in strontium iron oxides and related centrosymmetric compounds with noncollinear spin structures.

    Tasks: The successful candidate will investigate the spin dynamics of the magnetic compounds, available in the form of existing high-quality single crystals, primarily using inelastic neutron scattering; evaluate the resulting measurement data; and interpret the data in close collaboration with a theory group. An understanding of the magnetic excitations in topological multi-q structures which arise due to magnetic frustration at low temperatures will be achieved through the comparison between experiment and theory.

    Requirements: A university degree (e.g. M.Sc. or Diploma) in solid state physics or related disciplines; basic competence in solid state physics, crystallography, magnetism, and quantum mechanics; preferably practical experience with experimental methods of sample characterization at low temperatures (e.g. magnetometry, specific heat, x-ray diffraction, etc.); very good knowledge of written and spoken English; ability to work creatively and independently; above-average commitment and willingness to integrate into the existing team and to assume responsibility.

    We offer: Intensive mentoring in an attractive scientific environment in combination with excellent infrastructure. The project promotes collaboration in an established, interdisciplinary team of experimentalists and theoreticians and offers various opportunities for cooperation with other research groups. Applications from women are particularly welcome. The same applies to people with disabilities.

    Please send your application with cover letter, curriculum vitae, copies of degree certificates and a brief description of your previous professional activities by July 2, 2021 (stamped arrival date of the university central mail service applies) preferably via the TU Dresden SecureMail Portal https: // as a single PDF document to dmytro.inosov@tu- or by mail to: TU Dresden, Fakultät Physik, Institut für Festkörper- und Materialphysik, Professur für Neutronenspektroskopie kondensierter Materie, Herrn Prof. Dr. Dmytro Inosov, Helmholtzstr. 10, 01069 Dresden. Please submit copies only, as your application will not be returned to you. Expenses incurred in attending interviews cannot be reimbursed.

    Reference to data protection: Your data protection rights, the purpose for which your data will be processed, as well as further information about data protection is available to you on the website: https: // tu-

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