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September 30, 2022


  • Organisation/Company: Academy of Justice
  • Research Field: Criminology › Other
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1) Established Researcher (R3) Recognised Researcher (R2) Leading Researcher (R4)
  • Application Deadline: 30/09/2022 21:00 - Europe/Athens
  • Location: Poland › Warsaw
  • Type Of Contract: To be defined
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 40
  • Offer Starting Date: 03/10/2022
  • Reference Number: IPS1
  • Is The Job Related To Staff Position Within A Research Infrastructure?: Yes

  • Conducting didactic classes in the area of legal sciences, in particular in the area of Penitentiary Studies, criminal law, executive criminal law, the legislative process for students of the Academy of Justice;
  • Carrying out research in the field of legal sciences, in particular regarding the penitentiary area;
  • Participation in organizational work in Academy of Justice;
  • Undertaking scientific activities aimed at building scientific achievements of Academy of Justice, of which:
  • popularization of knowledge by publishing the results of scientific research in journals, publishing houses and the media;
  • active representation Academy of Justice at scientific conferences.
  • Selection process


  • application addressed to the Rector-Commandant;
  • personal questionnaire of the person applying for employment with a statement on reading
  • the information clause – Annexes No. 1 and 2
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of documents confirming qualifications;
  • list of scientific achievements and didactic achievements;
  • copies of employment certificates and references;
  • declaration of no criminal record – Annex No. 3
  • statement of primary or additional workplace – Annex 4.
  • Additional comments

    Date and place of submission of documents:

    The person concerned should submit the required documents to the headquarters of the Academy of Justice, secretariat: 00-155 Warszawa, ul. Karmelicka 9, between 900 and 1500 or by post by September 30, 2022 (the date of receipt of documents to AJ counts).

    Documents submitted at the Academy's headquarters should be in a closed envelope with the note "Job offer – assistant / – Institute of Applied Penitentiary".

    Only complete applications will be considered (documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered ).

    Please be advised that we will contact only selected candidates. Failure to inform the candidate about the results of the competition will be tantamount to rejection of his offer. We do not return submitted documents.

    The selected candidates will be informed about the date of the interview by phone.

    The competition will be settled within five weeks of the deadline for submission of tenders.

    The university does not provide housing.

    The outcome of the competition does not result in the establishment of an employment relationship.

    The decision on employment is made by the Rector-Commandant.

    AJ reserves the right to close the competition without a decision or to offer employment of less than 1 full-time job.

    Offer Requirements Skills/Qualifications


    1. holding a master's degree in legal sciences

    2. full legal capacity and full exercise of public rights;

    3. no criminal record for an intentional crime;

    4. speak and write Polish fluently.

    Specific Requirements


  • having experience in the practical application of the law,
  • having experience in didactic work or popularization of knowledge in the field of legal sciences (e.g. conducting didactic classes at a university; conducting trainings or workshops);
  • declaring their readiness to affiliate with AJ all scientific achievements resulting from work at this University; who are the authors of scientific publications in the field of legal sciences, in particular in the field of Penitentiary Studies;
  • who are laureates of scholarships or programs (e.g. scholarships of the Minister of Education and Science, the "diamond Grant" program, etc..);
  • have completed studies, internships or conducted scientific work in other centers than the one where they obtained a professional title (especially foreign);
  • who speak English and at least one other foreign language at a level that allows the use of English-language scientific literature in the field of legal sciences;
  • providing a guarantee of timely performance of didactic and research work undertaken at the Academy of Justice;
  • Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: Academy of Justice
  • Department: Institute of Applied Penitentiary
  • Organisation Type: Higher Education Institute
  • Website: https: //
  • E-Mail:
  • Country: Poland
  • City: warsaw
  • State/Province: Poland
  • Postal Code: 00-155
  • Street: Karmelicka
  • Phone: +486024414
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