Postdoctoral Researcher (Cnrs) On The Catalytic Conversion Of Carbohydrates To Specialty Chemicals

Universities and Institutes of France


October 31, 2021


  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Research Field: Chemistry Physics
  • Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2)
  • Application Deadline: 31/10/2021 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: France › POITIERS
  • Type Of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 35
  • Offer Starting Date: 01/01/2022
  • She/He will have in charge to develop the catalytic reaction. Reactions will be typically performed in a glass reactor at atmospheric pressure and the reaction will be monitored by gas/liquid chromatography and 1H/13C NMR. She/He will also have to benchmark her/his results with the literature in terms of catalytic performances (yield, selectivity, productivity, etc.) and also in terms of environmental impact using existing and available metrics.

    In collaboration with the international joint unit CNRS/SOLVAY located at Shanghaï (China), we open a one-year position at the Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers (France) on the catalytic conversion of biobased sugars to specialty chemicals, with applications in the field of personal care. The targeted molecules have been already identified by SOLVAY (confidential part) who wish to explore recent catalytic technologies developed at the University of Poitiers in France for their synthesis. Despite there exist a plethora of articles on the (bio)conversion of sugars to chemicals, most of reported examples require diluted feed of sugars, typically lower than 5 wt%. If acceptable yields and selectivity have been already claimed, the reactor productivity remained however too low for implementation on a large scale. The scientific question that will be addressed in this position is how to convert, selectively and catalytically, concentrated feed of sugars? The investigation will be conducted at the University of Poitiers, in connection with the international joint unit CNRS/SOLVAY based at Shanghai (China) which will assist the team with its expertise in DFT calculations. Beside the catalytic performances, a particular attention will be given to the “greenness” of the developed catalytic route.

    At the CNRS, these researches will be conducted at the Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP) located at the University of Poitiers in France. IC2MP is a joint unit between the University of Poitiers and the CNRS working on the design of sustainable reactions/products. This is an interdisciplinary institute investigating (1) the design of clean processes (catalysis, bio-solvents, renewables, alternative technologies, etc.) and (2) the transfer and bioaccumulation of organic molecules in eco- systems. In this project the candidate will join the team « Catalysis in unconventional media ». The team is conducting researches on (1) the replacement of fossil carbon by renewable carbon and (2) the development of clean technology for chemistry. The candidate will have a full access to the analytical platform of IC2MP (PLATINA), including all the major equipment required to characterize organic molecules and catalysts generated within this project (XPS, XRD, TEM/SEM, mass spectrometry, NMR, etc.). This work will be supervised byIC2MP and co-supervized by E2P2L, a CNRS/SOLVAY joint unit.

    Eligibility criteria

    Strong knowledge in the field of catalysis (homogeneous or heterogeneous) applied to organic chemistry will be required. We are also expected the candidate to be curious and imaginative to challenge the team by proposing radically different approach. The candidate will also regularly interact in English by visio with the international joint unit CNRS/SOLVAY based at Shanghai.

    Web site for additional job details

    https: //

    Required Research Experiences
  • Chemistry

  • 1 - 4

  • Physics

  • 1 - 4

    Offer Requirements
  • Chemistry: PhD or equivalent

    Physics: PhD or equivalent

  • FRENCH: Basic

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Department: Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers
  • Organisation Type: Public Research Institution
  • Website: https://
  • Country: France
  • City: POITIERS
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