Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Ultra-low Temperature Physics

University of Oxford

United Kingdom

August 31, 2022


Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Ultra-low Temperature Physics

Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford Grade 7: £33,309 -£40,927 per annum

Applications are invited for two Postdoctoral Research Assistant posts in Ultra-low Temperature Physics at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford.

Both posts are available for 2 years, with a possibility of extension to 3 years.

This project will develop an ultra-low-vibration microkelvin refrigerator for use with ultra-high-Q mechanical oscillators.

The ideal PDRA candidate will have a combination of specialized knowledge, skills and successful experience in the following research areas:

Microkelvin Refrigeration

3He/4He Dilution Refrigeration

High-field Superconducting Magnets

Microkelvin Instrument Design and Fabrication

Ultra-low Vibration Techniques

Superconducting Quantum Inference Devices

Ultra-high-Q Mechanical (Torsional) Oscillators

Quantum State Sensing & Qubits

High-frequency Data Acquisition and Control Electronics

Data Management, Analysis

Applicants should hold a PhD in experimental ultra-low temperature physics. Demonstrated skills should include capability to design, fabricate and procure components, assemble, integrate, test and operate ultra-low temperature scientific instruments.

They must have the ability to lead ultra-low temperature research, generating consequential and fundamental scientific discoveries, whilst managing and coordinating academic research and administrative activities of themselves and the ultra-low temperature physics research team.

The successful candidates will be able to adapt and develop; new and existing scientific techniques plus experimental protocols to the research objectives of the project. They must also be able to test hypotheses and analyse scientific data from ultra-low temperature research instruments.

More information about the requirements for this role can be found on the Job Description, the link to which is below.

Supplementary Information on the Department/Research Centre and the post is available at the following URLs:

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Please direct enquiries about the role to Prof. J.C. Séamus Davis Contact:

Contact Person : HR Team - Recruitment Vacancy ID : 154206 Contact Phone : Closing Date & Time : 31-Aug-2022 Contact Email :

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