Postdoctoral Position : discovery of novel arboviruses of public heath concern

Institut Pasteur


November 7, 2021


Postdoctoral position (21 months, Institut Pasteur, Paris) to work on discovery of novel arboviruses of public heath concern.

High-Resolution virome of mosquitoes coupled to the quest for novel human arboviruses in Madagascar

A Postdoctoral position is available for a scientist motivated to join an ongoing research program focused on the discovery of novel zoonotic mosquitoe- borne viruses in Madagascar.The project will be done by using a combination of High Throughput Sequencing of arthropods,wide range screening for cognate antibodies in healthy humans and viral genome search in patients presenting with arboviral-like symptoms.

The position is available for 21 months starting from January 2022 in the Pathogen Discovery Laboratory at the Institut Pasteur (Paris) and is funded by Institut Pasteur. It takes advantage of the facilities of the Institut Pasteur (including the sequencing and bioinformatics facilities) and the collaboration established with the two countries (France and Madagascar).

The ideal candidate must have a strong interest in virology and vector-borne diseases and hold a PhD with complementary training in phylogenetic analysis. Basic skills in molecular biology techniques (cloning and expression of proteins) and Next Generation Sequencing would also be appreciated.

Propensity to work in a BSL-3 laboratory is mandatory.

Occasional trips are possible.

If interested, please send the following information (in one single PDF) to

  • Cover letter describing past research experiments, your research interests and career goals, and motivation to join our laboratory.
  • CV with the publication list and contact information of two referees.
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