Postdoc – Synthesis Of Methylmercaptan By Heterogeneous Catalysis Process In Collaboration With...

Universities and Institutes of France


September 30, 2022


  • Organisation/Company: Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP)
  • Research Field: Chemistry
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1) Recognised Researcher (R2) Established Researcher (R3) Leading Researcher (R4)
  • Application Deadline: 30/09/2022 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: France › Poitiers
  • Type Of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • ADISSEO France SAS, a subsidiary of the National Animal Nutrition Division of China National Bluestar since 2006, is one of the world leaders in the design, production and marketing of nutritional additives (amino acids, vitamins, enzymes) intended for animals. poultry, pigs and ruminants. Historically, ADISSEO comes from the animal feed branch of Rhône-Poulenc and Aventis. ADISSEO employs some 1700 people, including more than 1000 in France.

    In partnership with the Poitiers Institute of Chemistry of Materials and Materials (IC2MP - UMR 7285: University of Poitiers), ADISSEO is looking for a candidate for a one-year post-doctoral internship.

    The objective of this work is to develop and optimize a gas-phase heterogeneous catalytic process of interest for Adisseo. The work will include, on one hand, a more fundamental study (reaction mechanism, catalyst characterization, kinetics, …) and, on other hand, a more applied study of industrial catalysts in order to optimize the Adisseo plant. The researcher's mission will be to better understand and optimize the various steps involved in this process. This work includes a more fundamental study (identification of catalytic sites and mechanisms involved, physicochemical characterization of catalysts, kinetics, ...) and the development of new solids. Finally, the researcher will be in direct contact with the company through reports and progress meetings.

    Offer Requirements Specific Requirements

    PhD in catalysis, experience on pilot under pressure, heterogeneous catalysis, physicochemical characterization of materials, formation in chemical kinetics and modeling, chemical engineering.

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP)
  • Organisation Type: Public Research Institution
  • Website: https://
  • Country: France
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