PhD Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Metasurfaces

University of Southern Denmark


December 8, 2021


PhD Research Fellow in Experimental Quantum Metasurfaces

The Centre for Nano Optics (www. at the Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, in Odense seeks a suitable candidate for a 3-year position as PhD Research Fellow within the area of Experimental Quantum Metasurfaces with the expected starting date: February 1, 2022. The position is supported by the Villum Young Investigator project (2021-2025) awarded to Assistant Prof. Fei Ding. For more information on the project, see https: // in-2021.

The proposed project is concerned with experimental investigations and theoretical studies of possibilities for the realization of quantum metasurfaces implemented by integrating quantum emitters based on nano- diamonds containing color centers with optical metasurfaces, with the overall goal being to generate and manipulate compact and high-performance quantum sources at room temperature.

The project goals include the development of analytical approaches, computational tools, and experimental (fabrication and characterization) techniques for the realization of quantum metasurfaces implemented with optical metasurfaces integrated with nano-diamonds containing color centers as well as the contribution to further progress in the understanding of physical mechanisms involved in nanoscale light-matter interactions at the single- photon level. The overarching goal is to realize fast compact and efficient quantum sources at room temperature, enabling the efficient on-demand generation of single photons with arbitrary wavefronts and the realization of robust on-chip sources of entangled photons.

Potential candidates for the 3-year PhD-scholarship are expected to have a relevant MSc degree and experimental skills in at least one of the following areas: nanofabrication, advanced electromagnetic modelling with metasurfaces and quantum emitters, and optical characterization of plasmon-based metasurfaces operating in visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges.

Candidates should motivate their application in a cover letter.

Contact information For more detailed information regarding the research planned please contact:

Professor Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, phone: +4565507341; e-mail:,

Assistant Professor & Villum Young Investigator Fei Ding, phone: +4565507442; e-mail:

If you experience technical problems you must contact

Conditions of employment Applicants are required to have a master's degree (equivalent to a Danish master's degree) at the time of enrollment and employment. Employment as a PhD fellow is a 3-year salaried position (start salary amounts to approx. 3.378,- EURO per month incl. supplements).

Employment of a PhD fellow can only happen after the Head of the PhD School has approved the candidate for admission to the PhD school. Employment and enrollment will cease without further notice at the end of the period.

A PhD fellow is not allowed to have any kind of sideline employment, while enrolled as PhD fellow at the faculty.

Employment is governed by the Protocol on PhD Research Fellows signed by the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. Please check links for more information on salary and taxation.

The successful candidate will be enrolled at SDU in accordance with Faculty regulations and the Danish Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities (PhD order), read more here.

The assessment process Read about the Assessment and selection process. Shortlisting may be used.

Application procedure The Faculty expects applicants to read the Faculty information for prospective PhD students and the SDU information on How to apply before applying.

The application deadline is December 8, 2021.

The application must be in English and must include the following - the required forms must be found at the Faculty website:

  • Completed TEK PhD application form for 5+3 applicants. Find the form at the Faculty website.
  • Cover letter stating your specific interest, motivation and qualifications for the project in question. Upload in the field called “Project description”.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae, describing research, publication and teaching experience, computational skills and including personal contact information.
  • Verified copies of the official bachelor diploma and master's diploma and transcripts of exams, both original and translated into English.
  • Completed TEK PhD form for calculation grade point average. Find the form at the Faculty website. Upload in one of the fields called “Publication”.
  • An official document describing the grading scheme of the awarding universities (if not Danish). Upload in one of the fields called “Publication”.
  • An official and verified written assessment of the thesis or dissertation project from the grade giving institution, if the thesis/examination project is evaluated by approved/passed. The statement must clearly state that the candidate has been among the top 30 pct. in the graduation class for the study programme.
  • List of publications and maximum 2 examples of relevant publications, in case you have any publications. Please attach one pdf-file for each publication.
  • References, if any. Reference letters may also be included. You're welcome to use the form for reference letter at the Faculty website.
  • The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

    Campus: Odense

    Application deadline: 08/12/2021

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