PhD Position in Theoretical High-Energy Physics and Gravitational Waves

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July 11, 2021


PhD Position in Theoretical High-Energy Physics and Gravitational Waves

(ref. BAP-2021-442)

Last modification : Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The ITP at the University of Leuven is a large theoretical physics Institute which currently comprises about 40 researchers at all levels and with a broad expertise in many branches of theoretical physics, including high-energy physics, complex systems, and mathematical physics. The high-energy physics group at the Institute pursues a broad range of research directions covering holography, string theory, supergravity, quantum field theory, cosmology and gravitational waves. We are housed in the Department of Physics on the Science campus just outside the city of Leuven. The ITP runs a prestigious Theoretical Physics Master Program and a PhD program, which is embedded into the Arenberg Graduate School of Sciences of the University of Leuven. There are numerous seminars, journal clubs and regular colloquia. In addition the Institute has close ties, including joint seminars, with the International Solvay Institutes for Physics in nearby Brussels and with research groups in the Netherlands. The ITP is also home to the Centre for Gravitational Waves, an inter- university center of research that stimulates nationwide collaboration on gravitational wave physics and facilitates the Belgian contributions to the development and construction of future gravitational wave observatories.

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Research project in Theoretical High-Energy Physics and Gravitational Waves


Master degree in physics or astronomy.

Candidates should have an interest in theoretical high-energy physics, including string theory and theoretical cosmology.

We also invite applications for a PhD position in gravitational wave physics (theory or data analysis) as part of a new strategic initiative in Flanders to boost gravitational wave science.

Dutch is your mother tongue, or you must have achieved at least level C1.

Het Departement Natuurkunde en Sterrenkunde schakelt FLOF-mandaten, binnen de grenzen van het statuut van doctoraatsbursaal, namelijk in voor onderwijsopdrachten binnen het bacheloronderwijs (BA). Voor de verschillende Nederlandstalige BA-onderwijsopdrachten die aan het departement zijn toevertrouwd is voor het geven van werkzittingen en practica een grondige kennis van het Nederlands vereist.”


We offer a full-time, 4-year PhDstudent position, in a dynamic scientific environment, in a top international university.


For more information please contact Mrs. Anneleen Marcelis, tel.: +32 16 32 72 32, mail:

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