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September 22, 2021


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Time Span as soon as possible for 3 years Application Deadline 22 Sep 2021 Financing yes Type of Position

  • PhD - Individual Supervisor
  • PhD - Doctoral Programme
  • Field of Research

  • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
  • Subjects Synthetic Biology Description The Institute for Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University Hospital of Münster, Germany offers a position, limited to 3 years based on a project, of a

    Research Assistant (PhD Student) (gn) Ref.: 06331 Part-time with 65% Salary according to TV-L E13

    (gn=gender neutral)

    Prof. Seraphine Wegner is currently looking for a motivated PhD candidate with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research in the area of bottom-up tissue engineering. This project is part of the ERC Starting Grant-ARTIST.

    The bottom-up assembly of tissue from cellular building blocks constitutes a promising, yet highly challenging approach to engineer complex tissues. The challenge lies in controlling cell-cell interactions, which determine how cells organize with respect to each other, how they work together and consequently whether such a multicellular architecture will be functional. We regulate cell-cell interactions with visible light using photoswitchable proteins. These cell-cell interactions provide sustainable, non-invasive, dynamic and reversible control over cell-cell interactions with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. We use these photoswitchable cell-cell interactions to assemble cells into multicellular architectures with predictable and programmable organization. The dynamic and reversible nature of the photoswitchable contacts allows us to locally alter interactions at any point in time, to rearrange and obtain asymmetric multicellular structures, which are typical of tissues. Finally, we also explore how the photoswitchable cell-cell interactions alter cell behavior and signaling. Ultimately, this will pave the way for the bottom-up assembly of multicellular architectures, enabling us to control precisely and dynamically their organization in space and time as well as regulate how cells work together. For more detail on the research profile of the group, please see:

    https: // www.

    Field of duties:

    Investigation of multicellular architectures Cell based assays (ELISA, Western blot, immunofluorescence, cell culture) Fluorescence microscopy and image analysis Protein and DNA based techniques


    Master in cell biology, biotechnology, molecular biology or related fields with outstanding grades High motivation, self-initiative and team-minded Good English skills Expertise in above mentioned tasks

    Please send your application (a detailed CV precisely mentioning practical and theoretical skills, a motivation letter, academic transcript and two academic references) with the reference number until 22.09.2021 to bewerbung(at)­ukmuenster(dot)­de.

    Applications of women are specifically invited. In the case of similar qualifications, competence, and specific achievements, women will be considered on preferential terms within the framework of the legal possibilities. Handicapped candidates with equivalent qualifications will be given preference.

    The University Hospital of Münster is one of the leading hospitals in Germany. Such a position cannot be achieved by size and medical successes alone. The individual commitment counts above all. We need your commitment so that even with little things we can achieve great things for our patients. There are many possibilities open for you so that you may develop with them.

    Working Language

  • English
  • Language of Dissertation

  • English
  • Required Documents

  • CV
  • Reports, certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Others : two academic references
  • More Information https: // www.

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