[Part-time] Chef Instructor – Hospitality Lab



September 30, 2022


Part-time Chef Instructor – Hospitality Lab


Date posted

31 Aug 2022


30 Sep 2022


Commensurate with experience

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College of Business & Management



Chef Instructors will have two major responsibilities: teaching and operating the training kitchen.

Benefits: Leadership in the area of teaching in a new higher education environment. Exploration of career path in academia and development of teaching portfolio.

  • Workload: 23 hours per week (including preparation time, in-class hours, back-of-house duties, and office hours)

    Serve as Executive Chef and Kitchen Manager for the Hospitality Lab

  • Plan and manage all aspects of the back-of-the-house operation.
  • Implement quality control on food and beverage.
  • Manage staff in the back-of-the-house operations.
  • Monitor and manage food requisitions, costing and inventory.
  • Prepare and supervise daily mis-en-place and ensure that all sections are readily supplied with fresh and high-quality products based on anticipated class attendance.
  • Design and implement menus for restaurant service and special events as required.
  • Serve as Instructor for food production or F &B-related classes

  • Develop curriculum and topics that meet the program / course learning objectives.
  • Plan and prepare weekly lectures, class activities or necessary pre-class materials
  • Develop and ensure a constructive, safe, and positive learning environment for students
  • Deliver lectures in a classroom setting or practicum sessions at the training kitchen.
  • Facilitate active learning and engage students learning progress by providing different activities or group discussions.
  • Hold 60 minutes of office hours every week to support students if they have any queries.
  • Supervise students during practicum following health and safety standards in the kitchen.
  • Advise, evaluate students' assessments, and provide feedback appropriately.
  • Coordinate with Sous Chef Instructor to deliver the course effectively.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Dean of College or his delegates.
  • Having at least 4-5 years of experience in the culinary area and/ or restaurant management with a broad subject background enabling contributions to teaching programs.
  • Having a master's / doctorate degree in related fields would be a competitive advantage.
  • Having experience in some teaching and learning methods to elevate the course quality.
  • Having a high spirit and strong passion for education; entrepreneurial mindset to embrace changes and take on new challenges; team player and willing to contribute to organizational goals.
  • Having good written and verbal communication skills in English.

    The salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

  • To be considered for a chef instructor position, please submit a cover letter, CV, sample syllabi, teaching statement, and contact information of three professional references to Human Resources at recruitment@vinuni.edu.vn.
  • If shortlisted, candidates will be invited to campus for a job talk to conduct a mock teaching of a selected topic from the syllabus, and to present their teaching philosophy to the search committee.