Multimorbidity PhD programme for Health Professionals

University of Glassgow

United Kingdom

January 10, 2022


Multimorbidity PhD programme for Health Professionals

Job Purpose The Clinical PhD Research Fellowships are fixed term 3 year appointments offering training, mentoring and support to health professionals undertaking a PhD on the topic of multimorbidity. The posts will be based in the University of Glasgow, University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh, and University of St Andrews. Our aim is to develop the next generation of leaders in multimorbidity research who are both excellent in their core disciplines and skilled in working widely across disciplines and sectors. The core degree is a cohort‐based 3‐year PhD.

We include health care professionals from the following professions;

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health Professions (e.g. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry)
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Medical applicants are welcome from ALL medical and surgical specialties (including General Practice) and will be doctors in training (holding a National Training Number). Applications are also welcome from General Practitioners who have completed their training (post-CCT) and are within the first 4 years post-CCT (full-time equivalent i.e. accounting for part- time working). Dentists with a NTN, currently in ST 1-5 are also eligible to apply. Doctors and dentists who are still in training will need to gain permission for time out of training from their Postgraduate Dean. Clinical work during the PhD will be limited to half to one day per week.

    Applicants from other clinical disciplines must have completed all of their professional training and have a minimum of 2 years clinical training or clinical experience.

    For all applicants, we will be looking for candidates with evidence of research activity before application (for example, as an undergraduate; by completion of a relevant Master's degree or other post-graduate qualification; or by participating in research including writing papers) or other relevant activity (for example, working in policy or management). All applicants must be registered with their appropriate discipline specific professional body within the UK (e.g. General Medical Council, Nursing & Midwifery Council Nursing & Midwifery Council) and be licensed to practice in the UK.

    Applicants would benefit from holding an intercalated BSc or research Masters degree or an equivalent postgraduate research related qualification in an area of clinical relevance.

    During the term of the post, the successful candidate is expected to undertake a PhD.

    Main responsibilities

    • During PhD training, trainees will devote 80-90% of their time on their research

    • Clinical activity and training during the PhD will be a maximum of half to one day per week as appropriate.

    • Progress reviews will be undertaken by the Programme Coordinating Committee one month before starting the PhD, then at 3 months and annually thereafter

    • In the final PhD year, post-doctoral career plans will be reviewed. Advice on ‘re-entry' to clinical training/work and support for career development will be provided by the clinical mentor, programme directors and Postgraduate Deanery.

    Medically or dental qualified PhD Fellows with an NTN will return to their original Deanery to complete their post-doctoral clinical training where appropriate. We will support other health professionals to similarly return to practice.

    Progress of individuals is subject to satisfactory review by their supervisors and the Programme directors, who will assess whether Fellows are meeting the expected milestones of academic progress (in addition to the standard requirements of each University).

    Knowledge Skills and Experience

    Attribute, Education Qualifications & Training


    A1 Medically-qualified applicants can be from any speciality, including General Practice. Specialist applicants will be doctors in training (holding an NTN). GP applicants will either be doctors in training (holding an NTN) or have completed their training (post-CCT) and usually be within the first 4 years (FTE) post-CCT.

    A2 Applicants from other clinical disciplines must have completed their professional training and have at least two years subsequent clinical experience.

    A3 Candidates for all posts must be fully registered with their appropriate UK professional regulatory body (e.g., GMC for doctors; Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) for nurses, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) for allied health professionals, clinical psychologists with, pharmacists with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Dentists with the General Dental Council (GDC).


    B1 Evidence of distinction in career to date, e.g. prizes, awards, bursaries.

    B2 Introductory research experience at BSc or MSc undergraduate research project, postgraduate research or equivalent postgraduate research-oriented qualification with high attainment

    Knowledge, Skills & Experience

    C1 Aspiring to have a clinical academic career of a standard likely to be successful in obtaining a Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in future national open competition where appropriate

    C2 Understanding of the research process through formal learning or involvement in delivering clinical research

    C3 We are seeking individuals with the capacity for innovative and original thinking, who are motivated to deliver rigorous and high quality academic work

    C4 Able to work in multidisciplinary teams

    C5 Ability to exercise a high degree of personal initiative in organising own work, and work to tight deadlines calmly and efficiently

    C6 Good communication skills


    D1 Ability to deliver research that can be published in leading academic publications.

    D2 Successful record of conference presentations.

    D3 Proactive and efficient administrative ability.

    D4 Experience in undergraduate teaching or postgraduate teaching.

    D5 Evidence of research publications or experience of writing.

    D6 Previous training or experience of designing or conducting research and research methods.

    D7 Approachable manner

    D8 Research Experience


    The Multimorbidity PhD Programme for Health Professionals is designed to:

    Recruit and retain the best aspiring clinical academics

    Allow a balance of academic and clinical training

    Equip trainees with the range of knowledge and skills required to compete as independent investigators in the modern area of research in the sphere of multimorbidity.

    Additional Information

    The Director of the Multimorbidity PhD Programme for Health Professionals is Professor Frances Mair, and the Co-Directors are Professor Bruce Guthrie, Professor Ewan Pearson and Professor Colin McCowan. All have extensive experience in mentoring clinical academic trainees. The Deputy Director at the University of Glasgow is Dr Lisa Kidd.

    Health & Safety Requirements for the role

    Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG)

    This post is subject to registration with the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme, for regulated work with children and/or vulnerable adults as appropriate. Employment in this post is conditional on the successful post holder being able to obtain/holding PVG scheme membership. The successful candidate will not be permitted to commence employment until this has been confirmed. Information provided will be kept confidential and individuals will not be discriminated against unnecessarily due to non-relevant offending background. If you require further information on the PVG scheme please visit: www.

    Terms and conditions

    Whilst in this post you will be subject to the host University's own terms and conditions of employment. Salary placement will be dictated by your current NHS pay progression arrangements.

    NHS Honorary Contract

    If appropriate, an Honorary NHS contract will be sought for the successful post-holder at their current grade within the NHS. All applicants must be eligible to hold an honorary contract in Scotland and must also be registered with an appropriate regulatory body.

    It should be noted that the offer of appointment is subject to Occupational Health clearance prior to commencement of duty.

    If you require this document in an alternative format please contact HR by email at

    Terms and Conditions

    Salary will be on the CAT-I Clinical Lectureships/PhD Fellowships (Medical, Surgical & General Practice) ACN2 scale for pre-CCT trainees (£37,057 - £54,879), and GP salaries dependent upon career stage.

    A clinical salary, which will be negotiated after appointment in line with the ‘UK clinical academic training in medicine and dentistry: principles and obligations' document. for staff on a pay scale other than clinical salary will be commensurate with your existing NHS salary.

    This post is full time and has funding for 3 years.

    New entrants to the University will be required to serve a probationary period of 6 months.

    The successful applicant will be eligible to join the Universities' Superannuation Scheme. Further information regarding the scheme is available from the Superannuation Officer, who is also prepared to advise on questions relating to the transfer of Superannuation benefits.

    Relocation assistance will be provided where appropriate.

    All research and related activities, including grants, donations, clinical trials, contract research, consultancy and commercialisation are required to be managed through the University's relevant processes (e.g. contractual and financial), in accordance with the University Court's policies.

    It is the University of Glasgow's mission to foster an inclusive climate, which ensures equality in our working, learning, research and teaching environment.

    We strongly endorse the principles of Athena SWAN, including a supportive and flexible working environment, with commitment from all levels of the organisation in promoting gender equality.

    The University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401.

    Closing Date: 10 January 2022

    Vacancy Ref : 072867 Close Date : 10-Jan-2022 23:45

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