MSc position at MUN in the Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution


November 7, 2021


The Wildlife Evolutionary Ecology Lab ( is recruiting an exceptional MSc student into a collaborative, inclusive research group. The project and position are fully funded. Nevertheless, students will be encouraged and supported to compete for internal and external funding; higher GPAs and a history of publications improves competitiveness. Preference is for a Summer-Fall 2022 start date and we will be accepting applications until November 1st, 2021. We encourage all interested students to apply; we value equity and diversity in science and work to create a safe lab environment where everyone can succeed.

Project: The aim of this research project is to examine plasticity of coat colour change in snowshoe hares in response to changing snow cover. The project will focus on yearly variation in moulting rates of individuals during changes in coat-colour mismatch.

System and team: The WEEL group is part of the Biology Department at Memorial University. We are a dynamic, collaborative, question-driven research group that aims to bridge fundamental and applied questions in evolutionary, behavioural, population, and wildlife ecology. The student will be co- supervised by Mike Peers ( a Banting post-doctoral Fellow in the WEEL group who studies ecological responses of animals to climate change.

Since 1976, hares have been monitored in the Kluane Lake region of Yukon, Canada (see Krebs et al. 2018, J Anim Ecol.) to understand the drivers of their population cycles. Since 2015, Mike and several colleagues have been intensively monitoring hares in the region using GPS collars equipped with accelerometers to understand their fine-scale behavior in response to climate change. The successful applicant will be free to pursue their own ideas within the themes mentioned above using the data collected at Kluane and collaborating with researchers involved.

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