Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor (Remote Work)

National Louis University (Tampa)

United States

October 12, 2021


Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor (Remote Work)

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Position Status Part Time Position Title Medical Assisting Adjunct Instructor (Remote Work) Campus Online If other, please specify Position Summary

About National Louis University and Accelerate U:

National Louis University (NLU), founded in 1886, is a private, non-profit university based in Chicago, IL serving nearly 10,000 students across five colleges. Recently, the University launched Accelerate U, a new division at the university offering rapid pathways to high-demand skills, post-secondary degrees, and an upwardly-mobile job and career. The Accelerate U team works with employers and non-profit operators to build affordable academic and training pathways that 1) lead to an industry-recognized credential/certificate, 2) bridge to an in-demand, upwardly-mobile job, 3) include coaching and wraparound supports, and 4) grant participants college credit that can build to a bachelor's degree.

Our first training experience – a Medical Assistant Certification – launches in Summer 2021. We are looking for adjunct faculty to join us in this entrepreneurial project as exceptional, path-breaking teachers who both know what it takes to be a medical assistant and know how to teach and support the next generation of medical professionals as they pursue their goal of a full-time career in healthcare.

This is a new model, a new approach to preparing medical assistants for upwardly-mobile, meaningful healthcare jobs and careers. Learners will complete 16 weeks of training followed by a 4-6 week in-person externship at a local healthcare provider. Learners will earn a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential along with 30 college credits that can be applied towards a bachelor's degree. Program participants will work with their instructors and a coach throughout the experience and will interview with Accelerate U's healthcare employer partners for a full-time job immediately following program completion.

This work has never been more important, especially in light of the effects of COVID-19. Our track record of innovation and community service; our deep commitment to equity and access (especially for first-generation learners of color); and our considerable experience with online teaching and flexible programming position us well nationally to lead in this transformational work.

This is the right role for you if:

You are committed to equity, access, and building economic mobility. You understand that economic disparity and income inequality are destabilizing forces for a true democracy. You know the power of a great education – one that catapults a learner into new, choice-filled opportunities. You also know that too many talented, high-potential people get left out, overlooked, or skipped over when it comes to opportunities. You want to break down those barriers, destroy those misconceptions, and prepare and connect extraordinarily talented people with the opportunities they deserve.

You are driven to succeed. You are passionate about serving all Accelerate U participants including first-generation learners and others motivated by the challenge of becoming a medical assistant. You want to take everything you know about being a medical assistant and translate it, through the Accelerate U curriculum, to others. You're agile, creative, flexible and engaging in how you teach – ready to figure out the exact right way to reach each learner. You believe all Accelerate U learners can be successful and that your job is to transform their motivation into the skills and mindset of a great medical assistant.

You are a great teacher. You love every part of teaching medical assisting: the technical stuff, of course, but also the professional skills, mindsets, habits that are essential for success in a hospital or health clinic. You're excited to teach across different mediums – synchronously over Zoom and Slack, asynchronously on our learning management system, one-on-one with individual learners or small groups, etc. You're eager for feedback and always trying to get better. You're excited to collaborate with others such as professional coaches, peer instructors, and the Accelerate U team.

You want to create a community – a sense of belonging – for every learner. You understand learners are not passive enrollees in our program, but active drivers of their own learning. That learners in our program support the learning of one another: exploring content together, encouraging one another, and holding each other accountable on their way to full-time work. (You may even work along-side program alumni who have returned to be coaches or instructors.) As an instructor, you will create a space for learners to build “social capital” among their colleagues so that they head into work with a meaningful, professional network.

As an Adjunct Faculty Instructor, your Essential Responsibilities will be to:

Demonstrate excellence in teaching: • Empower students to develop competency by sharing a passion and expertise for the medical assistant profession and its competencies and skills. Utilize technology-based teaching platforms, including: • Zoom, a web-conferencing technology, • Desire to Learn (D2L), the University's Learning Management System, and an adaptive courseware engine to aid students in the development of competencies, • Slack, a communication tool, to interact with learners regularly. • Deliver weekly, 90-minute, Zoom-based synchronous “labs” to develop clinical skills and build on/reiterate recent learning in the program. • Provide actionable, individualized feedback to each student on learning activities and assignments.

Demonstrate, maintain, and continuously strengthen content expertise: • Maintain current and active content knowledge in the medical assistant and allied healthcare field that is reflected in instruction. • Collaborate with other faculty members, instructor designers, and Accelerate U teammates to enhance and improve the medical assistant learning content and activities. • Promote student success with a proactive, high-expectations, high-support approach: • Demonstrate flexibility in delivery and work schedule to provide personalized student support. • Identify gaps between student needs and existing resources and services; generate creative resolutions.

Maintain consistent, regular student support activities, including: • Weekly 15-minute, one-on-one check-ins; and • Email, Slack, and D2L interaction and communication. • Engage in data-driven instruction and student support planning: • Engage in regular data-driven planning meetings with faculty, coaches and support specialists to report student progress and obstacles and to plan student support interventions. • Monitor and intervene on student progress using available data from D2L and the adaptive courseware engine

Commit to continuous improvement of self and colleagues (i.e., professional development): • Keep student records updated according to expected guidelines. • Be prepared, yet flexible. • Be empathetic, yet structured. • Differentiate instruction and support based on student needs.

A “Week in the Life” of an Accelerate U Adjunct Faculty Instructor:

Our vision is to find experienced instructors who are able to teach while focusing on other responsibilities including working in the healthcare field, building new/other skills and experiences in healthcare or pursuing their own education.

Adjunct Faculty Instructors will:

Teach a 90-minute weekly skills lab (over Zoom) one evening a week to build on the learning program participants will have done asynchronously that week.

In the early part of the program (and for as long as necessary), you'll meet with 20-25 learners one time each week for 15 minutes to check in on their progress, answer questions, and make sure they are clear on the work ahead.

You'll spend time grading materials, reviewing learner work products, and providing feedback through D2L and other software tools.

You'll communicate regularly throughout the week with learners over email, Slack, and other software and communication tools. You'll be able to lay out expectations with learners regarding when you're available for immediate support (i.e. during regular working hours, first thing in the morning and in the evenings, etc.)

You'll meet with Accelerate U teammates (i.e. other instructors, coaches, Accelerate U) staff 1-3 times a week to delve into the curriculum, address learner needs/issues, and plan for program activities.

You'll spend time providing ongoing support, trouble-shooting issues, preparing and planning for future modules.


We are looking for individuals with the following experience:

• At least three (3) years' work experience in Allied Health; medical assisting preferred. • At least two (2) years of teaching experience with knowledge of course development, instruction, evaluation, and academic advising. Online teaching experience preferred. • Medical Assistant certification through a certifying body recognized by the National Certification Corporation with a minimum of an Associate Degree OR at least seven (7) years of experience in an Allied Health field; Bachelor's Degree in related healthcare field preferred; • Experience with digital tools for teaching, teaching in either online or blended/hybrid formats, and teaching to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities strongly preferred • CPR certified at the level of Health Care Provider through the American Heart Association and be able to competently administer CPR

Posting Number ADJ455

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