Master Thesis: Simulation of Air-cooled Edge Datacenter



December 26, 2021


Master Thesis: Simulation of Air-cooled Edge Datacenter

DESCRIPTION The AI-net Aniara research project investigates how data centers in the future can be integrated with 5 / 6G infrastructure to support future IT services. In work package 5 "Infrastructure and power EDGE", RISE, Ericsson, Systemair, ELTEK and Enoc work with solutions within technical solutions and requirements for the data centers, and their surroundings.

As part of this work, Ericsson and RISE are working to develop models of the data centers and what requirements they in turn place on electricity network infrastructure. In the development of models that describe the data center, we see good opportunities for a thesis project. Today, there is a model developed for a type of data center, developed in a previous project. We have now started adapting and further developing this model, to better match the EDGE data scenes demonstrator that we are building in the AI-net Aniara project. The work involves, among other things, adaptation of cooling systems (climate control), energy storage (batteries), UPS systems, solar cells with peripherals, etc.

The simulation environment we use is Mathworks Simulink. The model we intend to develop must take into account thermal, electrical and mechanical (air flow) aspects. The thesis will primarily focus on the air flow aspects, how the fans in the system affect pressure and air flows, and how these in turn affect heat transfers.

  • Mass flow modeling
  • Pressure drop and pressure increase over dampers, fans and servers
  • Thermodynamic effects as a result of mass flows
  • What temperature is reached at different points in the system?
  • Basic components to build up in the projectFan wall
  • Swivel damper
  • DX cooler
  • Assemble the components into a functioning system
  • If time allows: Integrate systems with other components developed in the project.
  • If time and interest are available: Develop different control strategies for operational optimization (eg Grid peak shaving)

    Scope: 30hp, 1 semester full time

    Start date January 2022 (flexible)

    Location: Luleå

    Compensation: A scholarship of 30,000 SEK (1000 SEK per hp) is granted upon approval of the final report.

    WHO ARE YOU? We believe that the work would be suitable for the right person to perform as a degree project. The degree project involves further development and new development of the simulation components that need to be developed to achieve a well-adapted simulation model of our EDGE data center demonstrator. It also gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate and present their skills to the companies involved.

    The student should have worked with Mathworks Matlab and Simulink before and have a good understanding of energy systems and various physical connections. The student is expected to have knowledge of building model components based on technical data sheets and an understanding of the physical connections that apply to a component, as well as have an understanding of how the components are connected to a functioning system. An interest in IT, digitization and computers can be an advantage.

    WORKING AT RISE RISE gather skills and personalities required for the transition to a sustainable economy, society and planet. We devise solutions that can make a difference here and now, while working on research areas and technologies that will be vital for tomorrow. Here, perspectives, expertise and people come together, from technology nerds to ICT experts and computer scientists to microbiologists. We are RISE and we have an offer that is hard to refuse. Challenging assignments that do good.


    HOW TO APPLY For questions and further information regarding this project opportunity, reach out to recruiting manager Jonas Gustafsson, +46 10 228 44 39 or Mikko Siltala, +46 10 228 44 48.

    Applications will be submitted via We like students where you can also find other interesting opportunities.

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