Genome Mining of Australian Fungi for Bioactive Molecules PhD Scholarship

University of Western Australia


October 31, 2022



Genome Mining of Australian Fungi for Bioactive Molecules PhD Scholarship


The genomic-era uncovered the immense uncharted genomic potential of fungi in biosynthesis of novel bioactive molecules. This project aims to exploit an exclusive genomic resource consisting of >150 unique Australian filamentous fungi that has been built in a university-industry collaboration for genomic-guided biodiscovery. The genome sequence of these fungi revealed extensive hidden genetic instructions for production of novel biologically active molecules. The project will apply cutting-edge synthetic biology and chemical tools to tap into the hidden genomic potential of these Australian fungi. Expected outcomes of this project include new fine chemicals and lead molecules with desirable bio-activities. This will provide significant benefits to Australia's economy through the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, veterinary products and agrichemicals.

Payment type

Fortnightly Stipend



Value unit

Per annum

Basis of award

Academic Achievement


Desirable criteria:- Prior experience with cultivation of fungi for screening and isolation of bioactive natural products- Prior experience with chemical structural elucidation of small molecules using NMR and MS- Basic molecular biology knowledge and techniques


Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, International

Study area

Molecular Biology

Commencement date

Applications open


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University of Western Australia

Currently available


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