Conception, Fabrication Et Caractérisation De Capteurs De Gaz Gan À Base De Diodes Msm Et De Transistors À Grille Ionique

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December 21, 2023
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11 Nov 2023

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21 Dec 2023 - 22:00 (UTC)

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1 Mar 2024

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Human activity, both individual and industrial, is increasingly contributing to the rise in atmospheric pollution levels, causing adverse effects on both the population and the environment. European Union recommendations have led to the reduction of certain pollutants, volatile organic compounds, and fine particles, and regulations have been implemented to limit their emissions. Our proposal aims to enhance the efficiency of internal combustion engines and reduce atmospheric pollution by employing integrated micro-sensors for the simultaneous detection of NOx exhaust gases. These detectors must operate in hostile environments, including high temperatures.

After several decades of research and development, gallium nitride stands out as the most mature semiconductor material to address these constraints. Its robustness and chemical inertness are well-established. Leveraging its exceptional properties, it is possible to create a High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) component on gallium nitride, with carrier density modulated by slight variations in surface potential. This surface potential is modified by the adsorption of gas particles, amplifying the sensor's sensitivity. Gas selectivity is achieved through a specific surface treatment and/or the addition of a catalytic metal or a dielectric specific to the gases to be detected.

The candidate for this doctoral thesis will be tasked with designing these gas sensors and their associated matrix, fabricating them in a cleanroom, and characterizing them in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. This endeavor aims to develop a highly selective, reliable, robust, cost-effective sensor directly operational in its real environment. The consortium comprises two complementary partners: LN2 for sensor design and microfabrication, and LTM- CEA for expertise in plasmas, wide-bandgap nitride etching, and the synthesis of specific dielectric layers.

This joint doctoral thesis will be conducted at two sites: LTM (France) in Grenoble and LN2 in Sherbrooke (Canada).

Funding category: Contrat doctoral Bourse Président PHD title: Doctorat PHD Country: France


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Le ou la candidate devra avoir de bonnes connaissances en physique avec une spécialité en dispositifs à semiconducteurs et physique des plasmas. Des prérequis en physique des matériaux et technologie des composants seraient un plus. La langue de travail est en français et en anglais.

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