Competition For One Research Fellowship For A M.Sc. Holder

Universities and Institutes of Portugal


May 17, 2022


  • Organisation/Company: Associação para a Inovação de Desenvolvimento da FCT
  • Research Field: Environmental science
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 18/05/2022 00:00 - Europe/London
  • Location: Portugal › Caparica
  • Type Of Contract: Other
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 35
  • Reference Number: BI02 - MACAU/0002/2019
  • A tender is open for the attribution of one (1) research fellowship within the scope of the R&D project/institution “SeaSenseX - Next-generation microsensors for marine mutagens and carcinogens” (MACAU/0002/2019), funded Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P.


    7. Monthly maintenance allowance amount: The net monthly allowance is 1.144,64 €, according to the table of values of the scholarships awarded directly by FCT, I.P. in Portugal. Social Security is additionally included. Payment will be made monthly by bank transfer.

    Eligibility criteria

    8. Selection criteria: Candidates will be selected according to four weighted criteria: publications (35%); communications in scientific meetings (20%); technical-laboratorial expertise relevant for the work program (30%) and motivation letter (15%). Should the selection Juri see necessary, the top- ranking candidates may be called for an interview. In that case, there will be five weighted criteria: publications (30%), communications in scientific meetings (15%); technical-laboratorial expertise relevant for the work program (25%), motivation letter (10%) and interview (20%).

    Selection process

    9. Composition of the Selection Jury:


    Pedro M. Costa

    Effective Juri Members

    Bruno Veigas

    Carolina Madeira

    Substitute Juri Members

    Ana Rita Grosso

    Mário Diniz

    10. Form of advertising/notification of results:

    The evaluation results proposed by the juri will be notified, up to 90 days after the deadline for the submission of applications, by email, of the results proposed by the jury, with access to the minutes and the final ranking list.

    After notification, candidates will have 10 working days to comment on the draft decision (prior hearing of interested parties, under the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedure). The final decision will be taken after the expiry of the prior hearing period, again notified to all candidates by e-mail. Of this final decision the candidates can file a complaint within 15 working days (to the e-mail address used for the notification), or an hierarchical appeal, within 30 working days, addressed to NOVA.ID.FCT's Board through the address

    11. Application deadline and form of application submission: The tender is open between 4 and 17 May 2022.

    Applications (in English) must be sent by e-mail to, with “bolsa SeaSenseX" indicated in subject during the abovementioned period. Applications must include the following documents, in non-editable format (PDF): i) CV; ii) M.Sc. certificate and certificate of enrollment in the Ph.D. Program or a signed statement of commitment (however, in the latter case, certification of enrollment must be provided by time of contracting; iii) motivation letter, and iv) offprint of a scientific article published as first author, considered to be the most relevant. The text of the e-mail must include the applicant's name, contact and clear indication of the tender.

    Additional comments

    12. Drafts:

    The drafts of: i) fellowship contract, ii) final report to be presented by the fellowship holder, iii) final report to be presented by the scientific advisor, and; iv) declaration on honor, can all be found on website.

    Web site for additional job details

    https: // www. content/calls/call/SeaSenseXEditalBolsa%20Mestr...

    Offer Requirements Skills/Qualifications

    1. Scientific Area: Natural an Environmental Sciences

    2. Recipients profile/category: The candidate must: i) hold a M.Sc. diploma (by the time of tender opening) in Environmental Sciences or related and be enrolled in a Doctoral Program of NOVA-SST; ii) have laboratory experience in aquatic toxicology; iii) have published at least eight papers in indexed international scientific journals, half of which as first author; iv) have been the presenting author of at least three oral communication in international scientific meetings. Preferential attributes are: experience in toxicological assays (in vivo and in vitro) and biomarker analyses.

    3. Work Plan: The work programme for the fist period of the fellowship (1 June 2002 and 30 Mat 2023) consists in the selection, adaptation and optimization of biochemical biomarker assays for the determination of exposure to marine toxicants, to be used in the sensors under development by the project's team. The workplan primarily involves in vitro assays with distinct matrices and model pollutants such as cadmium, able to interfere directly with via redox reactions at sub-cellular level (namely by hindering the ETC and anti-oxidant pool). O research fellow will also be involved in data analyses, manuscript writing and hinging between the project's multiple partners.

    Specific Requirements

    4. Applicable legislation and regulations::

    Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, amended and republished by Decree-Law No. 202/2012 of August 27 (Statute of the Scientific Research Fellow) and amended by Decree-Law No. 233/2012 of October 29, by Law No. 12 /2013 of 29 January, by Decree-Law No. 89/2013, of 9 July and Decree-Law No. 123/2019, of 28 August; Regulation of Research Grants of – Association for Innovation and Development of FCT; Regulation of Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P. in force (https: // www.;

    5. Workplace: The work will be primarily developed at the SeaTox Lab of UCIBIO, Department of Life Sciences, NOVA-SST, NOVA University of Lisbon, under the scientific supervision of Pedro M. Costa.

    6. Fellowship duration: The fellowship will last for 12 months starting at 1 June 2022.

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: Associação para a Inovação de Desenvolvimento da FCT
  • Organisation Type: Other
  • Website: https:// www.
  • Country: Portugal
  • City: Caparica
  • Postal Code: 2829-516 Caparica
  • Street: Campus de Caparica
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