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October 26, 2021


  • Organisation/Company: CIS-IUL / ISCTE-IUL
  • Research Field: Psychological sciences
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 26/10/2021 23:00 - Europe/London
  • Location: Portugal › Lisboa
  • Type Of Contract: Other
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 40
  • Reference Number: UIDP/03125/2020
  • Call for 2 Ph.D. Research Scholarships

    The Center for Social Research and Intervention at ISCTE-IUL (CISIscte) hereby opens the Call for 2 Ph.D. Research Scholarships, hereinafter referred as Ph.D. Scholarships, in Psychology, under FCT's Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships (RBI) and FCT's Research Fellowships Holder Statute (EBI).

    The scholarships will be financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the Collaboration Protocol for the Financing of the Multiannual Plan for Research Scholarships for Doctoral students, signed between FCT and the R&D CISIscte (UIDP/03125/2020).


    The present Call is open from the 12th October 2021 to 23 h 59 (Lisbon time) of the 26th October 2021.

    Applications and supporting documents indicated in this Call must be submitted in non-editable format (.pdf) by email to , with the subject “Applications CISIscte PhD Scholarships”.

    Each candidate may submit only one application, under the penalty of exclusion of all applications submitted by the candidate.

    Applications providing false statements, and/or plagiarism, can be excluded without prejudice to other means of sanctioning.


    Ph.D. Scholarships are intended to finance research-related activities leading to the academic degree of Doctor in Portuguese universities.

    Research-related activities leading to the academic degree of Doctor will take place at CISIscte, the host institution of the scholarship holders. The work plan to be carried out by the scholarship holders can also be conducted in collaboration with other institutions.

    Research-related activities leading to the academic degree of Doctor must fit CISIscte' s activities and strategy plan, and must be conducted within the scope of Iscte-IUL's Doctoral Program in Psychology.

    The work plan may take place entirely or partially in a national institution (national or mixed scholarship, respectively).

    The duration of the Ph.D. scholarships is, in general, annual and can be renewed up to a maximum of four years (48 months). However, Ph.D. scholarships cannot be awarded for less than 3 consecutive months.

    Mixed Ph.D. scholarships require that part of the work plan takes place in a foreign institution. This period however cannot be longer than 24 months.


    The Ph.D. scholarships are intended for candidates enrolled, or candidates who meet the necessary conditions to enroll, in the 1st academic year of Iscte- IUL's Doctoral Program in Psychology and who intend to conduct research- related activities at CISIscte that lead to obtaining the academic degree of Doctor



    Candidates can apply if they are:

  • National citizens or citizens from European Union member countries;
  • Citizens of third countries;
  • Stateless;
  • Citizens benefiting from political refugee status.
  • To apply for these Ph.D. scholarships, candidates must:

  • Hold a Bachelor's and/or Master's in Psychology or in other scientific domains that are recognized by the evaluation panel as adequate to conduct the work plan.
  • Reside in Portugal permanently and regularly if the work plan associated with the Ph.D. scholarship is, partially, carried out in foreign institutions (mixed scholarship). This requirement is applicable to both national and foreign citizens.
  • Not having benefited from a Ph.D. scholarship or a Ph.D. scholarship in companies directly funded by FCT, irrespective of its duration.
  • Not holding a doctoral degree.

    Candidates must submit the following documents, under the penalty of exclusion of the application:

  • A copy of the identity card /citizenship card/passport;
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate;
  • Certificates of the academic degrees obtained specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all subjects.
  • If the candidate is waiting on the certificates/diplomas for the obtained degree to be issued, he/she can submit a declaration of honor clarifying that he/she will complete the bachelor's and/or master's degree by the end of the application period;

  • If the academic degrees and diplomas are awarded by a foreign higher education institution, it is necessary to submit proof of registration and recognition of these academic degrees and record of the conversion of the respective final classification to the Portuguese classification scale.
  • If the candidate has already requested but is waiting on the recognition academic degrees issued by a foreign higher education institution, he/she can alternatively submit a declaration of honor clarifying that he/she will obtain the recognition for his/her bachelor's and/or master's degree by the end of the application period;

  • Research work plan to be conducted. Please use template A, attached;
  • Justification of the relevance and fit of the research work plan to the strategic plan and research areas of the host institution. Please use template B, attached;
  • Signed statements from all members of the supervision team, clarifying the acceptance of the supervision and indicating: a) the name of the candidate; and b) the title of the research work plan;
  • All candidates must have as their main supervisor a Doctor of Psychology, professor and/or researcher full member at CISIscte/Iscte-IUL, with a relevant scientific Curriculum to the area in which candidates intend to conduct their research Ph.D. project and that meets the following criteria:
  • 1) Have published at least 3 articles (or 2 if the supervisor defended his/her Ph.D. thesis in the last 4 years) in international journals indexed in Scopus.

    2) The maximum number of simultaneous supervisions by the supervisor is four.

  • CV of each member of the supervision team;
  • The application and all associated documents, including letters of motivation and recommendation (when applicable), must be submitted in Portuguese or in English.
  • Regarding the above mentioned admissibility requirements, the following should be considered:

  • In the case of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions, and in order to secure the principles of equal treatment of candidates who hold foreign and national academic degrees, it is mandatory to recognize those degrees and convert the respective final classification to the Portuguese classification scale.
  • The recognition of foreign academic degrees and diplomas as well as the conversion of the final classification to the Portuguese classification scale may be requested in any public higher education institution, or at the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES, only in the case of automatic recognition). Regarding this matter, we suggest taking a look at the following website: https:// www.

  • Awarding the Ph.D. scholarships is always dependent on the presentation of proof of academic degrees required to award the scholarship.

    This position aims to develop a scientific research project in the field of Psychology, within the Ph.D. program in Psychology at Iscte-IUL and within one of the four areas developed by the CIS-Iscte Research Groups: Behavior, emotion and cognition (BEC); Community, Education and Development (CED); Health for all (H4A); Psychology of social change (Psychange). The detailed work plan will be submitted for the application and its development includes conducting the planned studies, preparing publications; organization and participation in conferences and in activities of knowledge's extension and dissemination in line with the research domains.

    More information: https: // www.

    Additional comments

    All informations on: https: // www. cis.iscte- doutoramento-call-for-2-ph-d-research-scholarships

    Offer Requirements
  • Psychological sciences: Master Degree or equivalent

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: CIS-IUL / ISCTE-IUL
  • Organisation Type: Higher Education Institute
  • Website: https:// www.
  • E-Mail:
  • Country: Portugal
  • City: Lisbon
  • Postal Code: 1649-026
  • Street: Avenida das Forças Armadas, Edificío ISCTE-IUL, Sala 2w17
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