Associate Research Technician

New York University School of Medicine

United States

December 26, 2021


Job Responsibilities:

  • Will be involved in basic data entry to research database as directed.
  • Participates and performs other related duties as directed, such as transport, preparation of humans specimens other than blood.
  • Detail oriented, capable of recognizing problems as they occur; and through the application of appropriate policy/procedure, determine and /or recommends the appropriate solution. Seeks guidance as necessary for the performance of duties, ask questions when in doubt and utilized reference sources/materials to ensure accuracy
  • Gathers, Properly Packages, and Transfers bio specimens among internal and external collaborators.
  • Coordinates the sample receiving under the service of institutional facilities. Cooperates and relates well to different levels of the team. Communicate ideas, problems, suggestions and messages in a timely and effective manner. Maintain the confidentiality of all research information
  • Utilizes established protocols to process clinical samples (blood) for the research project(s); track and document sample information, and assist in conducting sample inventory, maintaining the cryo storage of samples. Is expected to transport and deliver samples between different research and clinical locations occasionally.