The basics

For years, we worked hard to help many people in looking for research jobs, academic positions, and scholarships in both academic and industrial environment. We have a dream to create an automated system that can assist employers, experts, job seekers, and scholarship hunters to easily find each other without consuming a lot of time and cost for all joined parties. In other words, we want to open Academic Gates for all people with the lowest cost. We have done that and we commit to do much better in future.

We continuously update new products and services to support better for academic community and our customers.

For employers

No, you don’t. It is totally free for posting scholarships, research jobs, academic positions, and university jobs. You only have to pay if you want to use advanced services such as

  • Setting your post in the featured area
  • Showing your post in the top banner, sidebar banners
  • Sending your post to subscribers
  • Sending your post in our fanpage and research groups
  • For Job Seekers

    Please register an account as a job seeker role, update your information and CV. Our system will analyze your CV and match the right jobs with your profile.