Event Service

We attract and recommend your event to the right audience.


Why Should You Choose This Service

Events like academic conference, workshop, summer schools, webinar, and so on are one of the most important time to provide the updated information and do marketing to the audience. However, how to attract many audiences and recommend the event to the right one is not easy task. We understand this problem and provide a solution which can help you to advertise your event to many audiences.

Firstly, you create an account to post your event. You can select the option: Payment or Free.

Secondly, the admin will check your event before publishing it.

Finally, If you select the option: Payment, your event will be set at the high visible places on our platform which have thousands of visitors daily. We will contact you to ask additional information before running advertisement campaigns.

If you want to know more about our Event Service, book in a time to chat with us and we can talk you through some of our strategies.

Why Choose Our Event Service?

At Academic Gates platform we do things differently and we’re proud of that. When working with us, you’ll gain:

Higher Education

Thousands of daily visitors are spread from bachelor to professor level, and many of them may interest your event.

The Best Price

You can post your event without any fee. You only have to pay if you want to use our advanced services.

Attract More Audience

Digital marketing strategies will be impletemented to attract more audiences to your event.

Recommender System

Developing Artficial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing algorithms are applied to recommend your content to the right audiences.

More efficiency to broadcast your event to audiences.

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