Computer Science

Vancouver Island University

Computer Science is a rapidly-growing field, generating a great number of employment opportunities. Government agencies are predicting shortages of qu...

Bachelor's degree
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
4 years
On campus
Vancouver Island University

Take your love of mapping things out, analyzing data and using spatial science to predict change to the next level with a Master of Geographic Informa...

Master's degree
Location (2)
2 years
Online / Distance
Engineering Institute of Technology

In today’s world, there is a growing shortage of industrial data communications and industrial IT engineers, technologists and technicians. This is ...

Diploma / Certificate
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
18 Months
Online / Distance

Computer Engineering

New York University, New York Campus

Products of computer engineering touch nearly every part of our lives. They let us chat via webcams, send e-mails from cell phones, and withdraw cash ...

Bachelor's degree
New York, New York, United States
36 Months
On campus