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Writing essays can be a challenge for anyone, but students who are starting out their college careers with English 101 can find writing essays especially difficult. This is because many high schools no longer teach the kind of essay-writing skills that are required at the college level because most high schools now teach toward standardized tests, which often do not include an evaluation of essay skills. Indeed, college instructors often report that students lack writing skills and that this is the biggest challenge their students face in starting a college career. Indeed, most students starting college are now required to take either an introductory or remedial writing course in order to build the writing skills needed for a college level course.

In this article, we’ll examine the best way to write an essay for an English 101 class. 

First, let’s discuss some of the ways that English courses do essays. If you are taking English 101, chances are that most of your essays will be in the five-paragraph format. In that case, you will need to know the standard format that your instructor will expect.

English 101 Essay Structure

  • Introduction. The first paragraph of your essay will introduce the topic and explain what your paper will demonstrate or prove. The final sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement, which typically contains three parts indicating each of the topics of the next three paragraphs, which support your overall main idea.
  • Paragraphs 2-4. The next three paragraphs will offer supporting information for each of the three parts of your thesis statement. Each paragraph contains a main idea, supporting details, evidence, and then a concluding sentence that ties it together.
  • Conclusion. The last paragraph restates the thesis statement and then closes the paper by offering a final thought that will help close the paper and leave the reader with something to take with them after the paper ends.

After you have mastered the five-paragraph format, you may find that you would benefit from some additional help to move ahead to more complex formats. Many students turn to an online essay company to pay writers to write their essays. When you use experts to create papers for you, you can develop your writing skills by seeing how a master writer might approach your topic. While it can be tempting to seek out free papers posted online or cheap writing services, the experts at reputable companies like WriteMyPaperHub will tell you that you need to focus on quality services, not just the cheapest one. Look for affordable services with a good reputation for quality writing. 

Once you have a good understanding of various essay formats, you should consider some of the effective practices that can help you to develop your best work:

Read the Assignment Carefully

First, you should be sure that you have carefully reviewed each part of the assignment and the assignment rubric to make sure you know exactly what is required for the assignment and what you need to include in order to maximize your grade.

Research Using Your School’s Library

Your college or university library is the best place to turn in order to develop your essay. Your school’s library will give you access to a range of sources not typically available on the open web, particularly scholarly sources in academic journals. These will enhance the overall quality of your essay. It’s a good idea to collect the quotes you’re going to use before you write, along with citations and bibliographic entries, so you don’t have to stop and start while you write, saving you time.

Outline Your Paper

Many students know that outlining is helpful, but most students worry that spending time writing an outline will be a waste when they can simply go ahead and write their essay without it. However, writing an outline before you begin will help you to develop your ideas, focus your thoughts, and avoid costly tangents that can waste valuable time during the writing process. The more effort that you put into outlining your paper before you begin, the less work you’ll have to do when you sit down to write the paper.

Always Leave Time to Proofread

Writing a paper can often feel like a rush to beat the deadline, but try to leave enough time to proofread your paper before you turn it in. Every draft can use an extra polish, and it’s a great idea to try to catch all of the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors possible before you turn your paper in to avoid leaving easy points on the table. Similarly, devoting a little time to revising your paper for clarity and effectiveness can take an average paper to the next level and beyond.

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