About Academic Gates

AcademicGates.com is designed to share scholarships, academic jobs, events, news, and experience from people working at educational organizations and research institutes.



The mission of AcademiaGates.com is to provide a flexible and intelligent platform for students, researchers, and leaders to build and grow their sustainable careers.


Become a world-class ecosystem providing high quality services for educational organizations, researchers, and partners.
Core values

Core values

Think big, start small, and act now
Team work makes the dream work
Lifelong learning
Focus on product and service

Who is AcademicGates.com for?

  1. Job Seekers: When you access Academic Jobs you are in a large network of academic positions, research jobs, and scholarships from universities, institutes over the world. As a user, you only need to provide basic information, our smart engines do the rest to provide suitable information based on your requests. By using advanced AI technologies, AcademicGates.com makes the life of researchers more easy.
  2. Event organizers: You can broadcast your events such as conferences, workshops, and so on to thousands of daily visitors and subscribers in our system.
  3. Recruiters : You can post jobs and manage their recruitment processes easily.
  4. Universities: The universities can post the news and brand their name to attract visitors, students, researchers, and subscribers in our ecosystem.
  5. Researchers: You not only can look for new jobs but also share your experience with other people by writing the blog.
  6. Partners, Sponsors, Agencies, Media: AcademicGates.com is honored to collaborate with you to not only create win-win solutions but also contribute well for our sociality.